My personal Brag Document 😎

Inspired by this is a collection of my personal and professional achievements over time to provide me, and others, with a place to document my progress.


    Learned the guitar 🎸
    Playing guitar is one of maybe 3 hobbies that stayed with me since I started it. I love rock and metal and being able to play some of my favorite songs is a lot of fun.
    Became a dad 🐣
    Not that I had that much to do with the process of the creation, but this the one thing I'm most proud of.
    October 2019
    Implemented a SAP implementation 👨‍💻
    Using Shopware 6 I realized a REST API which communicated orders to a SAP instance. It also could receive things like stock and product information to update the product catalog.
    August 2020
    Got promoted to CTO
    Chris was kind enough to put so much trust in me that he gave me the position of CTO. I was able to take on a lot of responsibility and I'm proud of it.
    May 2021
    Rewrote a Vue.js website to AlpineJS 👨‍💻
    I replaced Vue.js with AlpineJS for one of our ecommerce clients and realized nearly double the old performance score. I wrote about it here.
    August 2021
    Learned Eleventy 👨‍💻
    In summer 2021 I wanted to rewrite my website and was searching for a new tech stack. I found Eleventy and realized it was a good fit.
    October 2021
    Learned the 7-string guitar 🎸
    Although learned is a strong word, but after buying my first 7-string I finally found the time to really play with it and get better at it.